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Google Street View: One of the best ways to promote your business!

Do you know that most of the businesses around the world are rapidly adopting Google Street View?

Especially in this very moment, as COVID-19 spreads across the globe until today, it is affecting our communities in different ways. Countries from all around the world have launched and even enhanced ‘lockdown’ or ‘partial lockdown’ in order to control and fight against this infectious pandemic. During the action of ‘lockdown’, all the movements and actions of residents are strictly controlled by the government. Besides that, public is prohibited to mass gather or attend massive events including religious, sports, social and cultural activities.

Although most of the countries had relaxed the restriction on several measures of their movement control order nowadays, coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has still caused a major economic shock in worldwide. Due to the previous restriction for the public’s movement and also corporates which are not relevant (not provides the basic necessary) were not allowed to operate during the pandemic, most of the corporates especially those Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) were facing issues of closing down their businesses because of lack of funding to keep operating their business. Not only that, most of the corporates were facing the same issues that couldn’t engage with clients and publics no matter online or offline during this pandemic.

Google Street View: One of the best ways to engage with the public in pandemic!

Google Street View for Business is the extraordinary new feature of Google Maps, bringing 3-D Street View technology inside your business. Imagine a 360 interactive panoramic virtual tour of your business interior, showcasing all you have to offer to a searching public as they virtually walk around and check out your place, from anywhere in the world!

Well, there is no doubt that most of the people will search for particular corporates’ information on mobile devices before deciding whether want to visit the actual stores or not. This feature allows your customers to take a virtual tour around (and inside!) your business. With the existence and invention of Google street view, it will definitely provide you with a golden opportunity to engage you’re your potential customers!

Google Street View is a great way for brands to distinguish themselves online while engaging with new people. Nowadays, almost all the big corporates and organizations use Google's street view technology within their own businesses! Google Maps Business View can bring potential customers into your retail stores, restaurants, offices, and more thru online. When people search for local businesses online, they will have the opportunity to take a 360-degree virtual tour of the Google list of businesses to see inside your business, which is really convenient for the public! 

There are many other benefits too while utilizing Google Street View in your business.  Read on to learn what specific benefits Google Maps street view can offer your business!

  • It Builds Trust with Your Customers.

A Google virtual tour gives you a competitive advantage. It helps to build trust by giving your potential customers that extra level of confidence by allowing them to see inside your business.

Not only that, having your business on a Street View map gives people a behind-the-scenes look at your business. It shows that your business has a personality.

  • It’s a Convenient and Comfortable Experience

Customers can use street view whenever and wherever they’re at. Besides that, it brings your business to life with your own high quality 360-degree, interactive tour. You can showcase all the details that your customers love. This is perfect for any business which welcomes the public into its premises: - restaurants, shops, gyms, salons and more!

  • It’s Very Affordable

Google Street View for your business may be one of the best and most inexpensive marketing opportunities available to you, especially when compared with direct mail campaigns, radio, magazine and newspaper adverts etc.

  • Increase the Quality of The Impression from Customer

In other words, a picture really means a thousand words. According to research, our brain can process visual information 60 times faster than it can process words. This may be why photos are 40 times more likely to be shared on social media.

In any case, the point is that your enterprise's 3D image processing speed will be faster than the descriptions your enterprise provides, which may help in improving the first impression from your customers!

Wanna enhance your business listing with Street View? Call the Experts!

For many enterprises, the first impression is everything!

Virtual tours are the future of online marketing and thus make an excellent long-term investment. We Tech Star do provides one-stop solutions regarding Google Street View for Business to our clients and we make sure that each business owner personalizes their virtual tour and show their business at its best, in stunning panoramic detail!

Like to see some local samples? No problem! Below are some of the outcomes that we provide to our clients!

  1. https://streetview.my/beaconhousenl/
  2. https://www.streetview.my/buynsave/
  3. https://streetview.my/segiiuniversitykd/
  4. https://www.streetview.my/buynsave/

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