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Is WhatsApp Marketing in trend?

Why YOU should include WhatsApp in your marketing strategy.

Is WhatsApp Marketing in trend? Why YOU should include WhatsApp in your marketing strategy.

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is the most popular chat app in many countries, with more than 2 billion people in over 180 countries are using it, including Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Turkey, and especially in Argentina, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, and Spain, where the penetration of users exceeds 50%. With the existence of WhatsApp, it allows users to send text, make calls, make video calls, send voice memos and locations, create and share photos, videos and other documents from their phones and desktops. It has evolved from a closed text-based platform to a place where people share ideas and news.

All advertisers will want to engage the customer in some way. All media owners will tell you that they can reach the right target market and get them to participate in your campaign. But not all media owners can achieve that. However, WhatsApp can, period! When they send a marketing message out, asking for a reply is almost zero-cost. With such a great call-to-action function, it has got all marketers to sit up and take notice.

Most corporates especially the SMEs see building a user base on WhatsApp as a challenge. However, when your customer data platform already has a list of your target audience, including email addresses, contact numbers and other information, all you need to know is whether they use WhatsApp or invite them.

Another concern for BOSSES is that they don't want to interfere by sending WhatsApp marketing messages directly to users. But smart, timely, relevant information can help you get to them without being blocked. 

WhatsApp Released business API.

Therefore, WhatsApp company has released an app called WhatsApp Business API. The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to respond to customers on the platform for free for up to 24 hours, charging a fixed fee for each message after that.

As a mobile marketing tool, WhatsApp gives marketers the platform to engage in some plain and traditional communication service. It is as simple as sending out a flyer, an email or a letter which has been done in the past. With WhatsApp Marketing, they can send just about any type of message whether to a group of targeted customers or to a mass group of receivers. It’s all about communication and it is as simple as that! The truth is, no other media has ever come close to this type of accuracy when it comes to targeted marketing. 

Through the app, users can request information like a shipping confirmation or boarding pass, message a business quickly through the "click-to chat" button, and receive support from businesses about products or problems, said the post. Not only that, the app expedites communication between organizations and consumers, allowing customers to quickly message a company and get support.


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