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Formerly known as Creatrix PLT, TechStar is a custom software development and IT solutions expert based in Kuala Lumpur. With more than 10 years of experience its strength lies in the ability to provide custom IT solutions such as ERP, E-commerce and a suite of other applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every project scope is different therefore we will do our best to provide the solution as soon as possible. Our process involves:
  • Project requirement gathering
  • System planning
  • System UI design
  • System development
  • System testing
  • Completion, documentation, hand over
  • System training
The progress of each segment may take few days to months. However, the fastest time is within one day where we deploy a system.
It depends on the project’s requirements. You may engage us for consultancy, development, testing or partnership. It can be by the hour or on a project basis. Most of our clients engage us for long term.
Yes. We have several clients as our partners. We are helping them to plan, execute and suggest technical parts for their business needs.
We aim to provide the best solution with a balance of cost, effectiveness, and scalability for your clients. We wish to make things systematic for our clients for the long term to avoid wasting resources to rebuild the system again in the future. We have experienced developers and have successfully deployed systems for different industries including Retail, Bank, Cryptocurrency, construction, education, virtual event. Tech Star Global is part of Ads On Group which has experience in digital marketing, media buys, event organizing, and media owners. With our groups of companies, we can provide a full range of solutions to serve our clients from marketing to operations.

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We provide the perfect solution for your organization. We have the right software solutions and customize these for your business needs. We provide android app development, IOS app development, PHP web development and game development including a cryptocurrency and facial recognition system.

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